An inspiring friendship between two people of determination yields 10,<> trees


A friendship between two people of determination has turned a barren land in a Chinese province into a lush and thriving jungle, after two men of determination decided to challenge their disability and turn that dry land for the good of their local community.

The website "Beznikad" published the story of friends Jia Hayashiya and Jia Yonke and the story of their remarkable perseverance in afforestation of their barren area despite their great disability.

It all started when Haixia and his friend Winky decided to do something about the desertification in their area, with a forestation campaign that lasted for more than a decade.

But what makes their story inspiring is their special situation. Haishia, 53, was born with congenital cataracts that ended up blinding his left eye. Then in a work accident he went blind in his right eye. Winkie, 53, lost both arms in an accident at the age of three. After Haixia became blind in both eyes, it was very difficult for these two friends to find work.

With no other options, the two decided to lease eight acres of land that was located near the riverbank in their area at a special price from the local government. The two friends' goal was to plant trees that would help future generations by creating a better natural environment, with the site stating that because of the trees planted and the hard work of these two men, their village's suffering from floods has declined. Local sources have estimated that the two have managed to plant ten thousand trees in the past twelve years.

During their long journey to create a natural forest, the two learned to overcome their disability by helping each other. They wake up at seven in the morning and head home to start working for the day. Winky carries haixia over the river on his back, while haixia climbs to the top of the trees to cut branches, and after climbing from the tree, haixia digs holes in the ground to plant seedlings and after that, Winky takes care of the trees by watering them.

They receive money from the government, but it is not enough to buy their needs of seedlings, so they rely on taking cuttings from planted trees and then planting and caring for them until they become a new tree.

Due to their hard work and dedication, they received a lot of attention and support after local news helped spread their story widely. Some people donated money to them so that they could continue to support their lifestyle and support their community.
Fortunately for Haishia, a team of healthcare professionals offered to help him regain sight in his left eye thanks to a successful surgery.