Weather forecast

The weather forecast for Sunday, March 19

A weak disturbance brings mild but moist air. Minimum temperatures increasing and maximum slightly decreasing. Weak wind and rough to choppy seas


North and Center
Clouds in the morning and some light precipitation over the northern regions. Isolated light rains on Liguria and in the areas close to the mountains of the north-west. In the afternoon some rain will also arrive in the plains, on Piedmont and Emilia-Romagna. Snow only weak and at high altitude on the northwest. Temperatures slightly decreasing in the Alps.

Clouds also coming over the central regions. Isolated rains over Tuscany that in the afternoon will also extend to Marche, Umbria and upper Lazio. A few snowflakes on the mountains, but only at high altitudes. Mild air in the early morning but the maximums are slightly decreasing.

South and Major
Islands For the southern regions and for Sicily Sunday starts with sunshine, but cloudiness will increase during the day. On Sardinia cloudiness and rain from late morning. Rising temperatures.