In the first two and a half months of this year, the number of passengers visiting Japan from Korea exceeded the entire previous year.

According to the Incheon International Airport Corporation and Korea Airways Corporation on the 19th, from January 1 to March 1 this year, the number of passengers departing from Incheon Airport and Gimpo Airport to Japan was 3,16,115 and 5,19, respectively, for a total of 6,135,1.

Last year, more than 671,1,111 passengers departed from both airports to Japan.

This year's two-and-a-half-month passenger traffic is about 5,1 more than the whole of last year.

In the case of Incheon Airport, during the same period last year (January 5 to March 8), there were only 1,1 passengers bound for Japan due to the pandemic lockdown, but this year it has increased by 3,16%.

Gimpo Airport completely suspended flights to and from Japan last year due to the pandemic and only resumed in June, so there are no figures to compare with this year.

A similar trend is seen when all regional airports are included.

According to the latest statistics from the Korean public airline, which manages 1 airports in the region excluding Incheon Airport (including Gimpo Airport), the number of passengers bound for Japan in January and February this year was 4,72, about 8,109 more than the total of last year (6,14).

This surge in passengers bound for Japan can be attributed to the fact that the Japanese government resumed visa-free entry for Korean citizens from October last year, and the number of tourists visiting nearby Japan increased significantly due to the yen phenomenon.

Compared to a similar period in 1, before the pandemic and the "No Japan Movement" began in earnest, passenger traffic to Japan has not fully recovered.

During the three months from January to March 2, Incheon Airport carried 44,1,933 passengers to Japan, while Gimpo Airport carried 42,5.

If we calculate the average daily passenger traffic at both airports, this year (545,1) is 6% less than in 10 (2019,2019).

Conversely, the number of passengers who came to Korea from Japan in the two months of January and February this year was 1,3,183, which is about 7,658 fewer than the whole of last year (37,125,1).