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We wore the watches for several days to be able to better evaluate their design and comfort on a daily basis. We also judged the quality of the screen by browsing the watch. This allowed us to analyze the handling, responsiveness, as well as intuitiveness of the application. We then focused on features such as GPS, different sensors and accessories. For autonomy, we have made sure to alternate periods of inactivity and more active moments with the activation or deactivation of certain measures.

The selection of the 4 best vacuum cleaners to choose in 2023

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: the most complete
  • Xiaomi Mi Watch: the best value for money
  • Apple Watch Series 8: The best features
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: the best battery life

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5: the most complete

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With a sporty design, but versatile and comfortable, it remains in the same line as its previous version with still a circular AMOLED screen. During our test, we found its interface fluid and fast with a powerful processor and Wear OS 3.5 software. For functions, it is in our opinion quite complete thanks to its different sensors. Nevertheless, some features remain exclusive to Samsung and it is only compatible with Android devices. The autonomy is also lower than advertised, but the recharge is fast.

The most:

  • Good interface
  • Efficient sensors


  • Compatible exclusively with Samsung
  • Autonomy lower than advertised

Xiaomi Mi Watch: the best value for money

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This Xiaomi watch is a nice solution for people who do not want to ruin themselves. We appreciated its screen and fluid interface, convenient to use on a daily basis. It has many features such as, for example, the reading of the oxygen saturation in the blood or the energy consumption of your body. However, its size is relatively imposing, and the accuracy of its sensors is insufficient for great athletes in our opinion.

The most:

  • Its price
  • Its features


  • Its size
  • Insufficient capacity for top athletes

Apple Watch Series 8: The best features

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This Series 8 is available in several sizes. Its OLED display is flawless and the WatchOS 9 operating system is even smoother. It embeds specific applications concerning fitness and health. It has features like temperature detection as well as car accident detection. Nevertheless, its autonomy is disappointing with a single day use and some applications are only compatible with iOS devices.

The most:

  • Its ergonomics
  • Its applications and features


  • Its autonomy
  • Compatible only with iOS

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro: the best battery life

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Robust and durable, we still found it too heavy and bulky. The D buckle bracelet is perfectly secure, and during our test, we appreciated its beautiful screen quality, its Wear OS 3.5 software performing with its range of applications. For health, it is overall complete and compared to the classic version, it incorporates interesting GPS options. As with the other version, some functions are exclusive to Samsung devices and it is only compatible with Android. Its autonomy can be up to 80 hours.

The most:

  • Its autonomy
  • Complete applications


  • Its weight
  • Compatible only with Android

Other models tested

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 4: It has very good features and has nothing to envy to its big sister. Nevertheless, its autonomy is disappointing.
  • Garmin Venu 2S: Comfortable and lightweight, it stands out for its many features. She is a real sports coach. Nevertheless, the handling is complicated.
  • Apple Watch SE (2022): With 2 watch face sizes and a screen still worthy of Apple, this SE has some nice features. However, the display is not permanent, there is no electrocardiogram and the battery is disappointing, all still compatible only on iPhone.
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2: Compact and lightweight, it is intended more for athletes. Our tests showed that it was just as good as the "normal" Galaxy Watch while being more specialized.
  • Huawei Watch 3: Its screen and features are powerful. But its autonomy and lacks some options.
  • Google Pixel Watch: Its screen quality and design are pretty but the processor is aging and its autonomy is poor. In addition, the merger between FitBit and Google is not yet finalized.

5 key criteria for choosing your smartwatch

According to our product experts, here are the key criteria to consider when choosing your smartwatch.

The different systems

  • Wear OS: developed by Google, it is compatible with Android and iOS (without certain features). A little less fluid than its competitors but has the best catalog of applications
  • Tizen OS: Samsung's system, it is very fluid and intuitive but is however limited
  • Watch OS: fluid and intuitive, it remains intended only for iOS users

Ergonomics and design

  • Pay attention to the quality of the screen for better readability
  • Sports designs are generally more compact and discreet
  • Be sure to choose a dial that fits your wrist


  • Depending on your needs, choose the right materials
  • There are dustproof and waterproof watches (IP measurement)
  • Choose Gorilla Glass coatings to avoid scratches

Essential features

  • Your watch should provide you with essential options especially for fitness
  • The 3 main functions are heart rate monitor, pedometer and sleep analysis
  • Other functions are manage notifications, music and calls


  • Certain factors can influence the autonomy of the watch (GPS, mobile data)
  • The average value for the best watches is 3 to 4 days of battery life

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