Tanzania's famous lion dies in bloody confrontation with younger lions

Tanzania yesterday lost one of its best-known stars, the lion famous for its thick flesh, Bob Jr., after he died in a confrontation with other younger lions, wildlife authorities said.

Tanzania National Parks Authority spokeswoman Catherine Mbeini told AFP the 12-year-old Junior was killed last week in a bloody fight with rival lions.

"It is common for animals to fight over territory at a certain age, especially lions," she explained. The animal was often described as a "serengeti lion" and was easily identifiable by tourists due to its dense mane. African lions can live up to 18 years in freedom, according to the specialist organization Cats of Africa.

The Serengeti Park in northern Tanzania is home to between 3000,3500 and <>,<> lions, according to wildlife authorities.

However, the increasing human presence in their migratory and hunting areas limits the habitat area of these animals.