Raghad Saddam Hussein reveals that she will soon play an important role in governing Iraq. She will hold a solemn military reception for her father's body.

Raghad Saddam Hussein confirmed that she will soon return to the homeland, and that she will play a major political role, in governing her country, adding that the body of her father will return honored (to Baghdad), and will have a solemn military and public reception, to obtain his right as a national symbol, just as all symbols of countries in the whole world are honored.

The words of "Raghad Saddam Hussein" came in a special interview for the program "Studio Al-Arab" on the channel "Al-Mashhad", on the twentieth anniversary of the overthrow of the Iraqi regime in Baghdad in 2003, after the American entry into Iraq and the liquidation of the symbols of governance in it.

The daughter of the late Iraqi leader seemed optimistic and "believes in the love of the people and their need for her presence," stressing that "I am not ambitious, but I have a strong desire and will to leave my mark in a new national stage," and that she is proud of the stage of her father's rule and leadership of the country. "It was a period of glory, honor and struggle, because as a family we were with the people and we fought for the homeland and did not think about emigrating from it," she said. We were living the moments of war in our country, and we did not rule out a rocket falling on our house at every moment."

Raghad considered that Iraq is still occupied. While media host Hani al-Naqshbandi reminded her of the US army's departure from the country, she replied firmly: "The occupation still exists, and the Iraqi people know the details. He is the one who suffered the pressures of the occupation and the bad administrations that successively ruled the country under the umbrella of this occupier."

The late leader's daughter showed remarkable cohesion in the face of critical questions about the last moments of her father's life, his execution and the abusive handling of his body. But it categorically refused to talk about the details of those moments, and did not go into a give and take about the way to deal with his body after the execution, nor about the rumors about the exhumation of his grave by members of the terrorist organization "ISIS". She also refrained from answering about her knowledge of the location of the graves at the moment, insisting: "It does not matter how my father was assassinated, but what is important is that its end was the end of glory that pleases God Almighty and satisfies all Muslims in the world and all free and heroes, and there is no doubt that it satisfies the Iraqi people, who preserve for my father the status of respect, appreciation and love despite all that has been said and said."
She added: "Failure to respect the body of the deceased violates the law of Muslims in the first place. It violates the literature of governance and dealing with symbols in all countries of the world, Arab and international, regardless of the circumstances of death.
She added: I am Raghad Saddam Hussein and this is a title I am proud of. We lived through a difficult national phase and we had an honorable and courageous role, and I do not know fear, but I am used to courage and decision-making at every exceptional moment."

The daughter of the late leader showed high diplomacy in response to several questions about the extent of her confidence in the Iraqi street, and the extent to which the people accept her return, and agree to give her a role and give her confidence to restore her family's approach to the Iraqi scene. She affirmed her respect for her countrymen and their choices, declaring her faith in God and her confidence that she is able to leave a distinctive national imprint, and said: "I leave the people to the question of their interaction and acceptance of my return. Let them judge my performance and actions in the coming period."
While the interviewer repeated his question about her return and participation in the political decision, she reiterated that she has a solid and strong will, and that she is determined to be part of the next national phase, noting her communication with supporters in Iraq, refusing to differentiate between clan, class and sect.

Stressing "the need for the cohesion of the people of Iraq to get rid of the control of the occupier," she said: "I believe in God, in the homeland and in the love of people. It is ready to enter politics. I will have a strong imprint and, God willing, I will play a decisive role."
"What I know through my communication with lovers in my country is that the people suffer from a lot of pressure, and that they believe in our cause and respect the role and history of our family. We struggled in a period of pride in which we preserved the dignity of our people and our country.
Raghad extended her congratulations on the month of Ramadan to all Iraqis and Muslims in the world, and then addressed her countrymen in the local dialect: "Turn your mind on each other and do not let the stranger distract among you for his interests. What is coming is better, God willing. I repeat my greetings to all my people and all the lovers in the world, together we will play a beautiful role for this country, God willing."