Lebanon: The cost of a fattoush dish in Ramadan will reach one million pounds

A Lebanese economist announced that the cost of a family dish of fattoush for 4 people is estimated at one million pounds, less than a week before the start of the month of Ramadan, as fattoush is the main dish on the Ramadan Iftar banquet in Lebanon, and is eaten immediately after the soup.

The head of the "International Information" bulletin (local statistical bulletin) Jawad Adra, wrote on his own account via "Twitter", that the cost of the dish "Fattoush" per person, amounting to at least 225 thousand pounds, and compared Adra between the price of the dish Fattoush since the beginning of the economic crisis that Lebanon is going through, and how it rose as follows:

In 2020, the dish cost 4,250 liras.
In 2021 it reached 12,300 liras.
In 2022, the cost was 50,500 liras.
A week before the beginning of Ramadan 2023, the cost of a dish of fattoush is 225,000 liras, a figure that is likely to rise, according to fluctuations in the dollar exchange rate.

225,2 Lebanese pounds are equivalent to about 104 dollars and a quarter of the dollar, according to the exchange rate of the US currency on the black market, in which the dollar price approached 1500,<> pounds, while a large number of Lebanese still receive their salaries on the basis of <>,<> pounds to the dollar.
Fattoush needs many types of vegetables, most notably lettuce, cucumber, parsley, lemon, tomatoes, fresh mint, watercress, thyme, radishes, olive oil and Lebanese toast.