A tragic incident in Turkey. A woman dreams of a new earthquake and dies of fear

A Turkish woman suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder due to the earthquake, and as soon as she saw in her dream that a new earthquake had occurred in the city of Hatay, where she lives, she immediately rushed to throw herself from the balcony of the house.

Aisha Gulhane Geller, 38, woke up screaming from her sleep, thinking that there was an aftershock in the aftershocks of the devastating February 6 earthquake, and was in a panic, so she ran to the balcony of the room, and jumped from the second floor.
She was immediately taken to hospital, but was not saved despite all interventions, and died, leaving her mother, Lotfia Geller, alone.

"Aisha was in a state of fear after the earthquake, and we were staying in the same room that day. It was about 3.30 p.m., my daughter suddenly woke up screaming and said, 'Mom, there's an earthquake, let's go outside.'"
"I ran towards the balcony, I couldn't stop her, and jumped from the second floor. I didn't understand what was happening either. When I looked down the balcony my daughter was dead, I screamed for the neighbors to help me and ran to the place where my daughter fell."

Geller asserts that her daughter "did not commit suicide", adding that she was "a beloved person in her job", pointing out that she believes that the late "saw an earthquake in her dream, and jumped in panic".

More than a month and a half has passed since the February 6 earthquake, especially with thousands of small tremors and earthquakes occurring after it.
The major earthquake and its aftermath have killed more than 54,156 people in Turkey and Syria, and damaged 100,<> buildings, which have either collapsed or been damaged enough to necessitate demolition, amid international expectations that the cost of reconstruction will reach $ <> billion.