A junior high school student who posted and distributed so-called "insulting acquaintances" photos, such as synthetic nude photos of female students attending the same academy, on SNS was sentenced to prison after much consideration and taken into custody.

The Wonju Jiwon Criminal Division 1 of the Chuncheon District Court sentenced 1-year-old Party A, who was accused of violating the Law on the Sexual Protection of Children and Adolescents, insulting teachers, to two years in prison and one year and eight months in prison.

Party A, who was sentenced to life imprisonment during the non-custodial trial, was taken into custody in court.

It also ordered the completion of a 16-hour sexual assault treatment program and a three-year restriction on employment at agencies related to children, adolescents, and persons with disabilities.

At the end of May last year, Group A, who was a junior high school student, was put on trial for posting and distributing so-called deepfake and synthetic manipulated photos after sending a photo of 2-year-old Miss B found on social media to an unnamed person and asking her to "composite it with nude photos."

Insulting an acquaintance refers to the act of posting personal information such as the victim's name, age, or synthetic photo on SNS with insulting falsehoods.

District A's complaint also included allegations of insulting a teacher who asked an unnamed person to post an insulting post containing Miss B's personal information and photograph on December 1, 8.

The court stated the reasons for the sentence and court detention, saying that "the defendant was a 40-year-old boy whose sexual ideas were not fully formed at the time of the crime," but that "he could not ignore the pain of the victim who pleaded for severe punishment."

(Photo = Yonhap News)