$30,<> compensation for a Jordanian woman who forgot the obstetrician (scissors) in her stomach

A court in Irbid, northern Jordan, ordered a private hospital and a gynecologist to pay 21,30 dinars (about $75,35) in compensation to a patient after she forgot a medical scissors in her abdomen during a caesarean section that ended with the death of her fetus in a government hospital.
According to the court's decision, which was upheld by the Court of Appeal and the Court of Cassation, the charge of harming the hospital and the doctor was dropped because the case was covered by the general amnesty law, while the hospital was obligated to pay <>% of the value of the compensation estimated by the court and oblige the gynecologist to pay the rest of the amount.
According to Jordanian media and newspapers, the patient had visited a private hospital through a gynecologist, and when she was nine months old, she visited the same hospital with pain in her abdomen, and two nurses informed her of the need to enter the hospital for a caesarean section.
After admission, the patient underwent a caesarean section under the supervision of a doctor and then a consultant intervened, as the fetus was dead, in addition to the presence of ruptures in the uterus.
After her discharge from the hospital, she returned to suffer from severe pain from the abdomen, where she was taken to a government hospital, and after conducting tests, it was found that she suffers from the presence of a foreign body (medical scissors) "medical forceps" inside her abdomen, and she underwent surgery to remove the forceps, and it was found that there were adhesions in the pelvis and intestines and laceration of the small intestine caused by medical forceps, and (<> centimeters) was removed from the damaged small intestine and forceps were removed.