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A drunken taxi customer and the taxi driver got into a fight, the customer escaped punishment and the taxi driver was fined.

Because the charges brought to trial were different.

Chief Judge Song Jong-seon of the Chuncheonji Law Criminal Division 1 dismissed the charges against guest A (58), who was accused of assault, and sentenced taxi driver B (51), who was accused of causing injury, to a fine of 200 million won and one year of probation.

On the night of November 1 last year, Mr. A got into a taxi while intoxicated, calculated the fare, and when Mr. B took issue with Mr. A's attitude and asked him to get out of the car and tried to pull him down, he became angry and hit Mr. B on the back of the neck and ears with his hand.

Angry that he had been assaulted, Mr. B was accused of punching Mr. A several times in the face, causing wounds to his eyes that required treatment for about two weeks.

The two reached a court, agreed and expressed that they did not want each other punished.

The court rejected the charges against Mr. A, who was charged with assault against the victim, but fined Mr. B, who was charged with injury to whom the victim could file a complaint even if he did not want to be punished.

The court explained the reasons for sentencing Mr. B, saying, "We took into consideration the favorable circumstances as much as possible, such as the fact that we deeply reflect while admitting wrongdoing and, fortunately, the extent of the victim's injuries was not serious."