Cover letters, CV, homework, illustrations, songs, video games... Thanks to simple instructions, the general public quickly seized ChatGPT and other artificial intelligences "generative" content for everyday uses.

And that's just the beginning. The tool can now be used by third-party companies and is starting to be integrated into an increasing number of applications. And the next few weeks will see the arrival of GPT-4, a new, more powerful version, and competitors at Google or Meta (Facebook).

A true "life coach"

Millions of people have been using this artificial intelligence tool in recent weeks as a box of ideas even in the intimate. He is asked to write letters of breakup, wedding witnesses commission their speeches, budding creators of film or book scripts. Everyone can try their hand at verses in the style of Victor Hugo.

High school students also use it for their cover letter for Parcoursup. The tool can also translate or improve wobbly English. A letter to the administration in sustained language? It is sufficient to specify it in the request. "I spotted an ad in English, pasted it into ChatGPT and asked for a suitable application letter in sustained English," says Lucia, a young French sociologist who landed her dream job in Berlin.

Sales representatives also make him write their arguments. Combining voice recognition and ChatGPT, Microsoft has integrated automatic meeting minutes into its Teams messaging system.

A valuable tool for companies

Large companies use it to effortlessly equip themselves with conversational robots. In distribution, Instacart, an American delivery company, offers to make shopping lists based on questions such as "What healthy lunch for my children?"

ChatGPT can also write computer code from the description of a task - which revolutionizes the software industry - or create a product catalog. Toy giant Mattel used AI to design new small cars.

Thanks to these intelligences, it is also possible to write "SEO" texts, that is to say optimized for SEO by search engines, a sought-after skill. Or to correct accents, a tool for call centers... We have also seen elected representatives in the European Parliament or the British House of Commons giving a speech written by ChatGPT.

AIs also capable of the worst

On the image side, AIs such as Dall-E, MidJourney or Stable Diffusion produce on demand, after having ingested billions of artists' creations. Someone who had never held a pencil was able to publish a manga, which caused a scandal in Japan. The productions are all the more sophisticated as the requests are elaborate but tutorials abound.

These AIs are also capable of the worst, despite safeguards. Trained on the all-comers of the Web, they can write texts full of absurdities or aggressiveness. The writer Karine Thuil has experienced this. "In a few hours, my Intelligence became pornographic, aggressive, perverse. She incited couples to separation, suicide and murder, "says the one who told her exchanges with the AI in a tasty news at the end of February in the JDD.

Finally, she can create fake news and "deepfakes" by generating videos of personalities, whose voices and faces she will be able to imitate. Or create particularly convincing "phishing" emails, not to mention malware for cyberattacks.

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