Morning of audience, in the Vatican, for Pope Francis, who in the Paul VI Hall received the refugees who arrived in Europe through the humanitarian corridors promoted by the Community of Sant'Egidio, together with the families and representatives of the communities that welcome them and take care of their integration.

Bergoglio's speech was brief entirely off the cuff: the Pontiff, in a wheelchair, then met refugee families, especially many children, for a collective embrace, a handshake and encouragement. Words of appreciation came from the Pope for the work done by Sant'Egidio with the humanitarian corridors: "They are good, good".

The occasion offered the Pope the opportunity to return to the tragedy of Cutro: "That shipwreck should not have happened and everything possible must be done so that it does not happen again". The answer is therefore the humanitarian corridors: "The corridors build bridges that many children, women, men, the elderly, coming from very precarious situations and serious dangers, have finally traveled in safety, legality and dignity to the host countries. They cross borders and, even more, the walls of indifference on which the hope of so many people is often shattered", Francis said.

"I am happy to meet so many refugees and their families who have come to Italy, France, Belgium and Andorra. Their realization is due both to the generous creativity of the Community of Sant'Egidio, - added Bergoglio in his brief speech - of the Federation of Evangelical Churches and the Waldensian Table, and to the welcoming network of the Italian Church. I really like that Christians come together to work together and not emphasize differences." Francis also recalled the work of "Caritas", with appreciation for "the commitment of the Italian government and the governments that have received you".