At dawn
today (18th), a thief entered the gold exchange in Gangneung, Gangwon Province. It was a daring move, hitting the door with a car and stealing precious metals, but they were quickly caught when the car broke down.

G1 reporter Sung-Joon Park reports.

It's 5 a.m. after

A black SUV pulls up at a crossroads in Okcheon-dong, Gangneung, and then rushes towards the entrance of the gold exchange on the side of the road.

Two men in black hoodies get out of the car, steal the precious metal, and then get back in the car and flee.

When the vehicle used in the crime breaks down shortly thereafter, he gets out of the car and flees, and one citizen who was watching chases him, but it is not enough.

Their crime lasted less than three minutes.

They took elaborate and bold actions, such as breaking shelves with handhammers and stealing gold.

Police responded to the report and after analyzing CCTV to determine the route, they arrested those who tried to flee in a taxi at 1.1am, about one hour and 3 minutes after the crime.

The items stolen by the 1-year-olds were reportedly pure gold necklaces and bracelets worth 40 million won.

[Gangneung Police Station official: We are investigating after hearing the victim's statement that the initial estimate was more than 6 million won.]

Police have charged them with special theft and are investigating the exact circumstances of the crime.

(Video Interview: Lee Kwang-so G40 Broadcast)