Illness in the night, in Naples, for Jerry Calà. The actor, 71, was in a hotel in the capital of Campania when he suffered a heart attack and was rushed to the Mediterranean Clinic, where he promptly underwent surgery.

Now, his staff say, he is in good condition and will be discharged in the coming days, perhaps as early as tomorrow, to return home and rest. Calà is not in intensive care, he is quiet and this morning he has already talked about work, explaining that he wants to return soon to the set of his film ("They kidnapped Jerry Calà: ransom is a problem", which he was working on these days).

The comedian and showman had just arrived in Campania from Molise, where yesterday afternoon the filming of the feature film ended. The other scenes were shot in Ischia, Monte di Procida and the former Sofia cinema in Pozzuoli; Right here was scheduled, for Monday, the last take.

"My love, what a fright you made me take," Mara Venier, his great friend and ex-wife, wrote in a post on social media. Venier posted a photo of them together.