Milan: the antagonistic procession for the twentieth anniversary of the murder of Davide "Dax" Cesare, a member of the Orso social center, stabbed to death by three far-right men on March 16, 2003, started from Piazzale Loreto. The demonstrators, currently about 2,16, began to walk along Via Andrea Doria, opening the march with a banner saying "Dax03-<>, killed because he was an anti-fascist militant".

In the front rows, the antagonists of the anti-fascist network gathered under the acronym "Dax resists". Also present were representatives of trade unions such as Adl Cobas and some social centers. "Dax lives in every occupied house, in every occupied social space, in every square that claims social rights, in internationalist battles," they said into the megaphone shortly before departure, lighting red and white smoke bombs.

This year the memory of Dax joins that of Fausto Tinelli and Lorenzo "Iaio" Iannucci, killed on March 18, 1978, whose names have been chanted along with those of other political victims.