There are colored flags, balloons, moms and moms, dads and dads holding their children's hands: in Milan, in Piazza della Scala, today the Rainbow Families are on stage for the demonstration against the stop to the transcription of birth certificates of children of same-sex couples. The march will also be attended by the activist and television face Vladimir Luxuria.

The presidium was organized by Famiglie Arcobaleno, Cig Arcigay Milano and I Sentinelli di Milano "against - explained the organizers in recent days - this act that in fact sanctions the beginning of a state persecution against the LGBTQ + community and that once again affects those who would need more protection".

A circular from the Prefecture of Milan, at the request of a directive from the Interior Ministry, and which refers to the sentence of the Supreme Court of December 2022, led to the request by the Milanese prefect, Renato Saccone, to interrupt the recognition of children of same-sex couples. In Milan, since 2018 these same families had the opportunity to transcribe the foreign birth certificate in the Municipality, on the basis of a trade union ordinance of the mayor Beppe Sala.

"Today we are here alongside all those who are on the side of boys and girls, all of them. It is for them that we ask for the recognition of full rights, regardless of how they came into the world. Hands off our sons and daughters," says Marilena Grassadonia, head of 'freedom & rights' of the Italian Left.

"Stop the lies by those who, from every political party - continues the LGBT exponent - continue to poison the wells by confusing the plans and mystifying reality. Those who exploit the theme of 'Gestation for Others' are only propaganda, not recognizing in fact the need to protect children in flesh and blood that exist".


Presentation of the presidium against the stop to the transcription of children born abroad to same-sex couples

"With the measures that prevent the recognition of the children of same-sex couples, the right wing in government assumes the responsibility of depriving those children of the right to be protected by both parents. The right, once again, puts the ideological choice of penalizing the LGBTQ world ahead of the interest of children", writes in a post on Facebook Sen. Franco Mirabelli, vice-president of the Pd group.