Graphene in HPV vaccines? Could we be controlled remotely by injecting it into our bodies? This is one of the many rumors circulating about graphene. What if this bad reputation came from the extraordinary qualities of graphene?

This material is known to be the thinnest in the world, one of the lightest, strongest, most flexible and most conductive. So as much to tell you that it is considered by many as the "miracle material" that would allow huge technological and medical advances in the years to come. Except that for many conspiracy theorists, it is a lure that they would like to inject into our body, by all means, to control us remotely. Oh My Fake goes into detail about this theory in the video at the top of this article.

Be Strong Against Fake News

OMF Oh My Fake on Snapchat Discover is the 20 Minutes program that makes you strong against fake news, and more broadly invites you to understand the psychological springs and biases that encourage sharing and virality. Beyond knowing whether "It's true or it's false", the important thing is rather to understand "Why did we believe it?", by analyzing the mechanisms that make rumors, often fake, attractive to the point that even seasoned minds – like yours! – may succumb to it.

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