A maximum alert from the police for tomorrow's derby between Lazio and Rome. In recent months between the two fans would break a "pax", which lasted for some years now. For this reason there is great concern in view of the match scheduled at the Olympic Stadium.


the Viminale guarded by the Police - archive image

The numbers of the police
will be many police officers, the Carabinieri, the men of the Guardia di Finanza and the agents of the local police of Roma Capitale in the street to guarantee the safety of citizens: there is talk of over 1000 units - perhaps even 2000 - number usually expected for "hot" matches of this type, given the enormous pressure also arose from the clashes between the fans of Napoli and Eintracht Frankfurt, before and after the Champions League match on March 15th.

The map of the garrisons
The goal is to avoid a possible urban guerrilla: there will therefore be "preventive services" from this morning in all the places of aggregation of the two fans. In Rome, therefore, a massive presence of police forces, both on the side of Ponte Milvio (north of the capital, and near the Stadium) and the historic center, areas that have always been controlled by the blue white support, and then also on the side of Piazza Mancini (where the Roma ultras generally leave their cars).

Tgr Lazio

Clashes between fans and police outside the Olympic stadium at the end of the Lazio - Roma Tgr derby

Banners on Ukraine In view of the stracittadina, moreover, the filters will be strengthened and in particular the banners of the fans will be verified, including those that refer to the conflict in Ukraine.
Tomorrow Sunday, then, there will be some road closures starting at 14 pm, also due to the coincidence with the Rome Marathon.


Wilson, together with President Lenzini with the Scudetto Cup won in the 1973-1974 season

The end of the "Pax" between fans
In recent weeks the tension between the ultras of Lazio and Rome has grown further, the damage to the marble plaque in honor of the former Biancoceleste president Umberto Lenzini, has created yet another friction, after a difficult period between the two groups. Lazio are convinced that, behind the damage, there is the hand of the Giallorossi.

It was a double act of vandalism: the plaque was first smeared with the Giallorossi colors, and then devastated by hooligans.
And a few days later, there were acts of vandalism around the sports fields of Trigoria, where the Giallorossi of Jose Mourinho train, which suggest revenge.

The old and the new rusts Tomorrow will also be the first commitment "away from home" for the Roma fans, who have suffered a ban on travel after the accidents on the A1 with the Neapolitan ultras
. It will also be the first extra-citizen - after 51 years - without the banner of the Fedayn: just the ambush suffered by the historic Roman group, by the Serbian ultras of the Red Star (which took place last February 4) has generated new misunderstandings with the Lazio North Curve.



And the statement entitled: "No respect and no solidarity to the Romanists", would have amplified a fracture now irreconcilable: in the writing are listed a series of reasons including the long-standing chants against Vincenzo Paparelli, the Lazio fan killed by a rocket on October 28, 1979 at the Olimpico, just before the derby.

It is in the light of all these episodes that accidents are feared, so much so that at the Interior Ministry - as reported by the Agi news agency - "There is maximum attention".