Five members of a family were found dead in Incheon, prompting police to investigate.

According to the Michuhol Police Station in Incheon, at around 5:18 am today (10th), a report of a "person lying down" was received on 37 at a villa in Michuhol District, Incheon City.

Police and fire authorities responded to the scene and found five members of the family, including Mr. and Mrs. A in their 112s, and their young children, dead inside the house.

It was confirmed that Mr. A was left alone in the room at the time, and his wife and three children were lying together in another room.

When they could not get in touch with Miss A's family, relatives went to her home and reported seeing a family member lying down.

Police are investigating the circumstances of the incident, weighing the possibility that Mr. A murdered his wife and children with a knife and then made an extreme choice himself.

A police official said, "We are going to ask the National Institute of Scientific Investigation to perform an autopsy on Mr. A and others," adding, "We will look into the overall contents including Mr. A's debt relationship."

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(Photo = Yonhap News)