Roving parades and breathtaking shows

Festival of Happiness. 10 Artists Celebrate Global Village Visitors

  • 30 daily shows that included juggling, rope and bicycle acrobats. Cinematographer: Ahmed Arditi


A dose of joy and happiness that Global Village, the first family destination for culture, entertainment and shopping, offers its visitors in the 26th edition, through charming juggling games, and aerobatics performances that are performed on ropes or even on a bicycle, with a group of artists who performed, as part of the Happiness Festival, which concludes tomorrow, coinciding with the International Day of Happiness.

The festival brought together 10 female artists, who drew a smile on the faces of visitors to the village, by presenting fun and breathtaking roaming shows, especially since most of them are based on audience interaction.

The total number of performances presented within the festival reached 30 shows per day, including juggling, acrobatics, comedy shows and others.

Sarah Twister presented her presentation in which she fixed the bow with her bent feet above her head, then threw the arrow to hit the balloon she placed on the head of a spectator or audience, in addition to a series of performances in which she relies on bending the body and showing its flexibility. Twister spoke about her participation and presentation, to «Emirates Today», and said: «I present a show that carries a lot of skills that I highlight to the public, but I work in every city where I present my presentation so that the audience has the opportunity to learn about the largest number of skills that meet a lot of interaction and admiration». "Besides optical illusions, the show includes some linguistic comedy clips, but audiences in Dubai are more reactive to optical illusions, perhaps related to the different languages carried by the audience in a society where many nationalities live." She pointed out that she provided visitors to the Global Village with many paragraphs, perhaps the most prominent of which are flexibility shows in which she works to reposition or dislocate some places of bones in the body, such as shoulders and feet, explaining that she started these exercises from a young age, and continued with circus exercises in the early twenties, and she exercises on a daily basis and for long hours, to be able to provide flexibility shows, because these shows require daily exercise for the muscles and for hours. As for the biggest challenge during the show, Twister noted that it lies in the bow and throwing the arrow at the balloon, because it is the part that requires a lot of concentration, especially since the candidate is from the audience.

As for the Swiss Jessica Arbin, nicknamed the «Queen of the Bicycle», she presented a show that carries a romantic story about a girl who wants to get married, and prepares for her wedding, but discovers that what she lacks is a husband, and here she asks the audience to participate in her show using the story of Cinderella, and shoes, to end up in front of two men who have to marry one of them. Arbin confirmed that the show is based on the presence of donors to perform the roles from the audience, explaining that she resorts to basic skills in the humorous show, including aerobatics on a bicycle, and comedy, in which she uses mastery of many languages. She considered that the most prominent challenge in her show is dealing with the bicycle, because it requires a lot of focus to avoid mistakes, as well as making sure to make the audience fully integrated into the show, and maintain the rhythm of the show, and it is necessary to adapt to the culture of the audience, knowing that the story presented is a love story and touches all humans. She pointed out that she has had some accidents during her work, and has lost some of her teeth, as well as her foot injury, but she believes that this type of accident is part of this profession, so it is necessary to keep focused all the time.

For her part, the British Billy Kidd, who presented juggling games, performances and skills that are hard to believe, said about her show: «I lie during the show, and I also turn impossible things into reality, and this is the main task of juggling games, suddenly in the show birds will appear, or even liquids turn into inanimate things, and I also offer the audience the money that appears during juggling games, and this attracts the audience». She pointed out that juggling games and childhood are often linked, but in fact juggling games are considered the worst for young people, considering that the world of juggling games is directed to adults, as young people are still in the stage of learning and exploring the world, and that any dazzling show offered to them will be magical, and adults know the differences between things such as liquid and rigid, and other things on which juggling games are built. She noted that the audience she attracts are happy people, who love juggling games, or who do not know much about these skills and performances, as she seeks to invite them to get to know them more, explaining that her experience in the Global Village is the first, and it was an experience full of enthusiasm.

Famous taxis

Global Village has announced 'Wonderful Trips', which is part of the festival, offering guests the opportunity to discover famous taxis from the United States, Cuba, Mexico, Japan, Thailand and Lebanon, and participate in fun and entertaining challenges. At the end of the event, winners will enter a draw for a chance to win AED 27,<>.