It's been more than 40 years since Eric Braeden played the role of Victor Newman in The Fires of Love, and aficionados of the endless CBS soap opera recognize him by his eternal mustache, which earned him his nickname in the series. However, if the 81-year-old actor has ever decided to wear these elegant vibrissae, it is not because of his character of the Fires of Love, but for a completely different role.

"I played in five episodes of Gunsmoke," the German-born actor first recalled in an interview with Entertainment Tonight.

Gunsmoke is a western series - the longest running of all time with 635 episodes shot between 1955 and 1975 - better known in France as The Plains Police. And Eric Braeden actually appeared in it, first in 1970, then in 1974.

Victor Newman's Cowboy Past

"And after the second episode, John Mantley, the executive producer, said, 'We love you. We want you back, but for a different character. Could you grow a mustache?" Eric Braeden continued. "So that's where my mustache comes from."

However, if his role in Gunsmoke dates from 1974, his arrival in The Fires of Love did not take place until 1980, which means that he had long since appropriated this famous mustache that can no longer be separated from the Machiavellian Victor Newman.

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