An Iraqi and a Kuwaiti woman got married with a down payment of a kilo of gold and a delay of one billion Euros

The marriage of the young Iraqi, Haidar al-Fayli, did not last more than two weeks, as he announced his divorce from the Kuwaiti woman, Ghadeer Al-Fahd, after the video of the marriage caused a stir, because of the dowry that was registered at the time.

The Council newspaper stated in a post on Twitter that "the Iraqi Haider Al-Faily announces his divorce from Kuwaiti Ghadeer Al-Fahd amicably and consensually for lack of harmony and compatibility, after (...) They tied the knot with a kilo of gold down payment and a delay of one billion euros (one billion and 78 million dollars)."

On March 4, the young Iraqi, who lives in Finland, caused a stir on social media after his marriage contract to a Kuwaiti woman included a friendship worth "one billion euros."

Reactions varied with Haider al-Faily's account on the TikTok application, which is followed by about 680,<> people, after he appeared in a video during the signing of the marriage contract for Kuwaiti actress, Ghadeer Al-Fahd.

The ma'zun is heard reading the terms of the contract, and says that "the dowry is a kilo of 21-carat gold", then the ma'zun is surprised to read the phrase "a billion euros late", and turns towards the groom to make sure, the elephant shakes his head in agreement, and the value of the backside is documented.

At the time, the matter sparked a great controversy on social media, between those who criticized what they say is a great exaggeration, and others who felt that he just wanted to express his love and appreciation for his wife.