As heating costs have risen a lot, so has interest in condominium maintenance costs. However, unlike ordinary apartments, officetels are often not transparent about where and how this management fee is spent.

Reporter Labor Kyu reports.

Mr. A, a self-employed man in his
30s, posts a note inside an officetel elevator.

Even if you contact the management office, you will not be able to properly know the details of the management fee, so you will be looking for a resident to discuss with you.

The management fee for an officetel with a dedicated area of about 200 pyeong, where more than 7 households live, came out more than expected.

[Mr. A/Officetel resident: When I looked at it on a real estate app, the management fee was about 7,16 won, so I thought it was about that, but now the last one I paid came out about 6,60 won.]

Even if I excluded the heating and water bills, I was charged more than 3,<> won as a "general management fee", but I couldn't tell just by looking at the bill where it was spent.

[Mr. A/Officetel resident: (The management office) said, 'I can't tell you, I have to get permission from the management group' So I asked if I could contact you, and they said they couldn't give me their contact information...]

General management fees are items charged in the name of labor costs of management offices in accordance with relevant laws and local government regulations in condominiums such as apartments.

On the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Infrastructure's apartment management fee site, the general management fee of nearby apartments with a similar number of households to Mr. A's officetel is disclosed, and the size of the management personnel can also be checked.

However, in the case of collective buildings such as officetels, there is no detailed management fee provision in the law, so it is up to the building management group to decide, and in many cases, the details are not disclosed to the tenant.

[Seoul Collective Building Consultation Office: (In the Collective Building Law) there is no regulation on 'how to calculate the management fee and how to place the details thereof'. However, it says that 'matters not stipulated in this law may be determined as a rule'....]

In the group chat room created by Mr. A, more than <> people gathered who were dissatisfied with the officetel management group's "operation."

In response to growing criticism of opaque officetel management fees, the National Assembly last month passed an amendment to the Collective Building Law for the first time in three years.

It gives local governments the right to supervise officetels, and requires tenants to receive accounting reports for management expenses.

The key is to establish and establish a standard protocol that reflects these contents.

(Video Interview: Seo Jin-ho, Video Editing: Han Man-gil, CG: Kwon Hye-min)