A 3cm long metal spring was found in the lungs of a 5-year-old who visited the hospital after the cough stopped for three months.

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Recently, according to the British media The Sun and The Mirror, medical staff at the National Respiratory Hospital in Paraguay performed surgery on the 8th to remove a 5cm-long metal spring from the lungs of Group A (3 years old).

Group A, who has been coughing violently since December last year, recently went to Villarrica Hospital in Gueira with his parents when the cough showed no signs of stopping.

The medical team took X-rays and found that a metal spring was embedded in the left lung.

The medical staff believed that the spring in question had been lodged in Group A's lung for about 12 months, so he was transferred to the National Respiratory Hospital for urgent treatment, and the surgery to remove the spring was successful.

At present, the condition of Party A is said to be stable.

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Dr. Carlos Morinigo, who performed the child's surgery, said, "The procedure was complicated by the time the foreign body was lodged in the lungs and the damage that occurred during that time," adding, "There is a possibility that the child's lung capacity may decrease, but it will improve over time."

However, it has not been determined when, how, or by what route the spring entered the child's body.

Meanwhile, it was confirmed that Soldier A had not stopped coughing violently for all three months, but his parents had never taken him to the hospital.

Dr. Morinigo said, "Parents should pay special attention to their children to prevent this from happening," and "if their children continue to complain of pain, they must seek medical attention."