A large rally was held in downtown
Seoul to denounce the government's solution to compensations for forced mobilization and the Korea-Japan summit. Criticism ensued that the government had abandoned history and national interests.

Then there's the reporter.

The plaza in front of
Seoul City Hall was packed with people.

On one side of the stage was a statue of a forced mobilized worker.

The 600rd Pan-National Congress, organized by the Korea-Japan Historical, Justice and Peace Action, which consists of more than 3 civic organizations, attracted an estimated 1,5 people and an estimated 6,15 police people.

[I condemn the humiliating Korea-Japan talks! I condemn them!]

Participants criticized the ROK-Japan summit as a meeting that sold the human rights of victims of forced mobilization.

[Lee Chang-hee/Permanent Representative of the <> June South Korean Committee: The Korea-Japan summit is, in a word, a historic disaster. Grand perpetuation-style tribute diplomacy that sold out historical justice, economy, military security, and victims' rights...]

The government demanded that the reparations be scrapped, saying that the victims had come up with a compensatory proposal for forced mobilization that the victims did not agree with.

The "Future Partnership Fund" that the Korea-Japan business community decided to set up also drew criticism from the youth.

[Kim Su-jung/University President: I think Yoon Seok-yeol thought that the funds made by the youth arm to look good to the Japanese government, the young people would like it if they gave him such garbage money.]

Participants shouted at the Yongsan presidential office that the government should be judged.

After the rally at Seoul Plaza, the participants marched past the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to the Japanese Embassy.

Even during the march, President Yoon Seok-yeol raised his voice saying that he should apologize to the people.

In front of the Japanese Embassy, they denounced Prime Minister Kishida and the Japanese government.

The Japanese government should apologize to the victims and make reparations directly.

Organizers have announced that they will hold a mass rally next weekend to denounce the government.

(Video Interview: Shin Dong-hwan, Video Editing: Hwang Ji-young)