TikTok will never run out of creativity. We have just discovered the pink universe of "coquette make-up", trend itself preceded by "shower make-up" and "revenge make-up" we are now with the "cloud skin" that can be translated into French as: cloud skin. This makeup trend was popularized by British makeup artist Dominic Skinner, artistic director of makeup at MAC Cosmetics UK.

Making the cloud skin on yourself

We start by perfectly cleansing your skin and then moisturizing it with appropriate care. Once this step is completed, it is necessary to mix a mattifying base with matte and luminous foundations to bring this velvety aspect without losing this glowy touch. A matte concealer will camouflage some redness, but it is better to opt for a liquid format to avoid the mask effect that is absolutely not sought with this beauty. The finishing touch? A small dose of mattifying powder on areas that tend to glow during the day. That's it!

Beware of dry skin!

The return of matte makeup will probably not please all skins, especially the driest skin. Hence the importance of moisturizing your face deeply before reproducing this "cloud skin", and mixing luminous and matte foundations to enjoy a velvety rendering without having the skin completely dry.

Although tutorials vary greatly from user to user on TikTok, some mix their luminous foundation with a mattifying powder for example. It is also important to avoid the contouring step to achieve the desired result: a matte soft complexion that should put everyone in agreement.

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