It is a brutal return from vacation that Yannick Noah experienced. In a few hours, he went from the paradisiacal beaches of Polynesia to a hospital bed. It is in this much less warm setting that the singer gave his news.

Photo in support, the former sportsman wrote on Instagram: "beautiful crisis of palud to celebrate the return". Lying on the bed, and apparently infused, he still has a floral cap on his head. He who loves headgear had recently changed his life by wearing a new hat: that of chief of his father's village, in Cameroon, where he has lived for several years, after the death of the latter.

Malaria control

It was there that the singer contracted malaria in June 2022, a disease that can cause high fever, nausea, headaches, sweating and tremors. He then reassured his fans shortly after on Instagram.

"It's getting better!! Thank you doc Bernard M... back to work! I hope there will be no relapse... Unfortunately, this last episode contradicts him.

Also since last year, Yannick Noah has been involved through the NGO Impact santé Afrique in the fight against malaria, a disease that can be fatal and affects many victims in Africa.

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