On the calendar last winter weekend, Germany is facing mild temperatures. But picture-perfect weather is by no means everywhere.

On Saturday it will be "generally very mild with highs between 10 to 13 degrees on the coasts, otherwise 14 to 20 degrees," as the German weather service in Offenbach predicted on Friday.

Often there is a change of sun and dense cloud fields, in the north it is usually even cloudy. There are rain showers in some areas, in the afternoon and evening individual thunderstorms.

On Sunday it will be cloudy according to the forecast and there may be showers again and again, partly also short thunderstorms with sleet. The daily highs are usually between 11 and 16 degrees.

Monday is the beginning of spring. It is the day when day and night are exactly the same length. Then the maximum values are between 10 and 15 degrees. Often it is dry and occasionally it loosens up so that the spring sun appears.