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After long months of waiting, Prime Video subscribers can finally access the HBO catalog, but also the content of a dozen other channels.

An arrival eagerly awaited by Prime subscribers

Thunderclap on the streaming market in early 2023 when the French group OCS announced the end of its contract with the giant HBO. The American platform then went looking for a new host for its repertoire of series and films. Very quickly, his choice fell on Amazon Prime, to the delight of his subscribers.

The collaboration took the form of a Pass, very quickly titled the Warner Pass, bringing together not 1, but 12 channels of the Warner Bros Discovery production. Composed mainly of short programmes, they also host quality films, documentaries and sports content (especially with Eurosport), enough to make a good competition to Canal +.

To access the entire Warner Pass directory, you will have to wait, since, for the moment, only 4 of its channels are accessible: the entire HBO catalog, Adult Swim, Warner Bros. TV and Toonami, but do not worry, the other 8 should not be long in pointing the tip of their nose...

What is the Warner Pass directory?

The cornerstone of this Warner Pass, HBO studios are home to many of the most popular series of the last 20 years. Among the most eagerly awaited, we find the world-famous "Game of Thrones", but also big successes with "House of the Dragon", "Chernobyl", "Euphoria". Other cult series of the 90s and 2000s are also in the game, such as "The Sopranos", "True Detective", "Sex and the City", "Six Feet Under", "Boardwalk Empire"... In addition, you will be able to enjoy the very last season of "Succession", available from March 27 with this subscription.

At Warner Bros. TV the choice of series is also very varied, with shows like "Falling Skies", "Gossip Girl" or "The Orville", as well as the most recent "Miracle Workers", "Raised by Wolves", "Visitors" or "The Flight Attendant".

On the Adult Swim and Toonami platforms, it is animation that is in the spotlight with the complete "Rick and Morty", "My Hero Academia", "Primal", "Harley Quinn" whose season 4 should arrive in 2023. Note that these two channels are also accessible through Prime Video Channels for only 2.99 euros per month.

On April 3, it is Cartoonito, the latest from Warner Bros, which will arrive on the platform. If we do not yet know all the details of the rest of the catalog, rest assured, its offer already promises to be particularly rich and varied.

Small bonus for fans, some series ("Game of Thrones, "House of Dragons", "The Last of us") will be offered exclusively and at no additional cost in 4K ultra HD, the best image quality that can be found currently.

How do I take advantage of the Warner Pass?

Prime Video subscribers are in luck, the channel allows you to access this new platform for free for 30 days. Beyond that, the subscription will only cost you €9.99 per month.

To get the full Warner Pass now, subscribe to Prime Video for €6.99 per month or €69.90 for the annual subscription. You will then be able to enjoy all Prime Video content on 3 screens simultaneously. For students, the subscription will cost only €24 per year, after a 90-day free trial period.

Discover the Warner Pass on Prime Video

Series lovers will be delighted: not only does the Warner Pass give you access to a selection of mythical series, but the Prime Video subscription already offers you a 30-day free trial of all the content on the platform.

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