For the first time, a social movement affects the McDonald's of Pont-Sainte-Maxence (Oise). Among the forty employees, several are on strike this Friday. They are asking for an increase in wages but also intend to denounce their working conditions, says Actu Oise. According to the CGT union delegate elected to the Social and Economic Committee (CSE), discussions with management regarding an increase in remuneration due to inflation have not been successful.

At the same time, the brand is accused of having increased its prices. At a bargaining meeting, management discussed a "possible" wage increase. The shop steward explained that he could not settle for a possibility. "We want certainty, we want 8% now!" he reacted.

The staff representative also pointed to the pressure and degraded working conditions. He spoke of employees forced to "hide in the locker room to cry" after the "borderline remarks" of some managers. The strike could be renewed, especially during busy days, if the demands were not heard.

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