The government's no-confidence motions tabled by the independent Liot group and the RN are expected to be examined in the Assembly on Monday from 16 p.m., parliamentary sources told AFP, subject to validation just before the session.

A Conference of Presidents, which brings together group leaders and main officials of the Assembly, is scheduled for Monday at 15.30 p.m. to validate the agenda, just before the sitting resumes at 16 p.m.

Liot and RN tabled motions

The deputies of the independent group Liot tabled Friday a motion "transpartisan" of censure of the government, co-signed by elected representatives of the left-wing coalition Nupes, in response to the 49.3 drawn by the executive to adopt without a vote the pension reform.

Then the elected representatives of the National Rally (RN) in turn tabled a motion of censure a few minutes later. But "we will vote all the motions of censure presented," said the far-right deputy Laure Lavalette, while that of Liot is likely to federate votes from different camps, unlike that of the RN.

To bring down the government, a motion of censure will have to win an absolute majority in the National Assembly, i.e. 287 votes. This would require in particular that around thirty LR deputies (out of 61) bring theirs during the vote, a hypothesis that seems unlikely.

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