You don't choose your family, and Julia Fox has bitter experience of that. The actress of Uncut Gems has indeed been living for a few days a scene worthy of the darkest thrillers. As part of a wide-ranging investigation and search of an apartment on the Upper East Side, that of Thomas and Christopher Fox, his father and brother, NYPD officers discovered parts of "ghost guns", that is to say firearms in untraceable kits usually sold online.

They also found evidence of drug trafficking and materials that could be used in the manufacture of explosives.

The brother in custody

According to CBS News, the actress' father was released without charge. In contrast, Christopher, his 30-year-old brother, was still in custody Thursday afternoon. He faces several charges, including criminal possession of a controlled substance and manufacture of firearms.

Julia Fox, 33, previously told Highsnobiety that her life was "pretty unstable" during her childhood and that her family was "homeless at one point." Through the voice of a representative, the star, who was once in a relationship with Kanye West, refused to comment on the case.

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