Jordan: A father tortures his children and dogs get away with them. And kill his two daughters in cold blood

A Jordanian court yesterday heard a heinous crime in Jordanian society of a father who killed his two daughters and tried to kill two other sons in the Ramtha district last year.

The father accused of killing his two daughters and attempting to kill the other two children denied the charges of murder twice and attempted murder twice.

In the details of the incident that saddened Jordanians, a father killed his two daughters (11 and 8 years old), and tortured his other two children (10 and 12 years old), who are his children from his ex-wife.

According to the indictment, the defendant came to his ex-wife's house last May and took the two murdered children and the two victimized children to his home and then did not promise them the specified date as usual.

The indictment added that the complaining mother made contact with the accused father, asking him to return her children, but he refused to do so despite repeated calls and interventions by relatives, which forced the complainant to file a complaint with the Family Protection Department.
Upon learning of the accused father of the complaint filed by the mother, he became angry, and began to think about revenge on the complainant, "by burning her heart on her children", and his thinking guided him to kill his four sons, and prepared sharp tools to implement his plan to kill them, and began to beat the children severely, and continued to do so until the beginning of July last year.
According to the indictment, the defendant in cold blood grabbed his 11-year-old daughter, beat her with his feet on her stomach and body until she fell unconscious, after which he beat her with a stick and an iron skewer on her head until she died, and then buried her in a hole behind the house, chanting, "We got rid of the first germ."
The indictment pointed out that the defendant, a week after killing his first daughter, took his murdered daughter 8 years old with her two brothers outside the house, and beat his little girl with both hands and the tools he had previously brought on her head and body, and the victim fell to the ground with her blood, and left her until she died. The accused then put the victim and the victims inside the vehicle and took them to his home, and threw the body into a cesspit behind the house.
According to the indictment, the defendant was beating his two children with traumatic objects, dropping a dog on them and biting them in different places on their bodies, before completing his plan to kill them.

The children survived thanks to divine providence as they managed to escape while he was away from home, and reported their father to the police to quickly arrest him.

The list revealed that the two bodies were exhumed from the pit, and the examination and autopsy showed the presence of skull fractures for each of them.