He tried to please his angry wife and won millions

A man won a million Australian dollars, twice in one day, while trying to apologize and fix his lapse with his angry wife.

The Daily Star newspaper said that the husband, who forgot to respond to his wife's weekly habit three decades ago, was forced to compensate her, so luck smiled at them in a strange way.

The couple from Australia, who have not been named, revealed that the husband forgot last week to buy his wife's usual weekly lottery ticket, infuriating her, and hoping to make up for his mistake, he bought two tickets this week both with their usual numbers, which the wife uses in each draw for more than three decades.

Incredibly, the couple from Wuloolong, Australia won the jackpot by winning A$13 million twice in a draw on Monday (March <>).

The unnamed woman almost fainted when she realized they had two winning tickets.

The newspaper quoted the husband as saying: "My wife played these numbers for almost three decades and always said that she would win one day."

The wife had enthusiastically checked the numbers on Tuesday morning, unaware that her husband had bought a similar ticket in an attempt to appease her.

The husband expressed disbelief in what had happened. The wife said: "It won't take much to make us happy. We can buy a house for our daughter, and we can prepare children and grandchildren for the future. Once we do that, we can enjoy everything that's left."