Welcome to the tutorial "Morphological word formations". But don't worry: Over-correct grammar had played only a subordinate role at the big ProSieben Plusquamperfekt party this week. Rather, it's all about the most unpopular prefix in TV history – the "around". The word "switching" alone is always traumatic for broadcasters. For eighteen generations of top model aspirants, on the other hand, it is above all the buzzword "restyling". The cheerful haircut bingo reliably delivers tears and nervous breakdowns with guaranteed odds.

Traditionally, the makeover is a lottery game during Germany's largest players' wife casting. At the cutting Olympics, the main prize and rivet are often only one scissor length away. In terms of season history, Klum has turned the beautiful blonde Kim Hnizdo into a supermodel. At the same time, however, the also very pretty Zoe Saip becomes a new Dieter Bohlen.

Megan Fox has left the Building

Nevertheless, the 2023 vintage reacts to the makeover so euphorically, as if Klum had announced that each candidate would receive one million Instagram followers for her previous top performance. Only Sarah seems as if she has to explain to Pamela Reif tomorrow in her challenge why the sentence "So I look like a tranny" is considered transphobic. Presumably, she is plagued by the fear that her makeover could go unfavorably and leave her with a hairstyle like Sascha Lobo. Which could cost her her title role in the Megan Fox biopic. Before the clear-cutting hammer circles, however, the Frisians first introduce themselves. Klum's Brigade Scissor Gods has already shaved more celebrities than the Cancel Culture. In order to maintain tension, the unwritten GNTM law still applies today: No mirrors in the room. For compliance reasons, I have to mention at this point: There is also no "Focus", no "Bunte" and no "Gala" in the room. I mean, I would have spotted a FAZ magazine in Klum's purse, but different story.

The first swath of styling devastation is then cut through Selma's hair. Within a few minutes, interrupted only by a commercial break the length of an average intercontinental flight, it is expertly trimmed back from Rapunzel to Rudi Völler. Selma already suspects that it's not just about length: "If they put paint on it now, I look like a bird". Yellow, for example. Then she would be Johannes Vogel. Yellow, FDP, you understand? All the same. Their hope of getting away without color shock lasts so short, faster this week actually only Michael Wendler's hope for a TV comeback passes. In the end, Selma gets a pastel pink. The title Peppa Wutz of the season is thus secure.

Meanwhile, Sarah has measured and fears that she will not even be able to make a proper braid after the hair length correction has been carried out. Or even worse: "Just such a pimple braid". What at first sounds like a sex toy baked from delicious yeast dough actually initiates their exit. Sarah does not want to exchange fame for hair well-being, spontaneously quits the top model service and voluntarily goes back to the fashion metropolis Osnabrück.