[ Firing an iron ball at the side... The shooter is a neighbor in his 60s ]

The shooter who shot an iron ball with a slingshot and shattered a window in a high-rise apartment in Incheon has been identified as a neighbor who lives in the next wing.

[ Man in his 60s arrested for 'firing iron balls at neighbor' ]

The Incheon Yeonsu Police Department said it has arrested and is investigating Mr. A in his 60s on suspicion of damage to special property.

Mr. A is accused of shooting an 10mm-diameter iron ball at three neighbors' houses in the next building from a 32-story apartment in Songdo International City, Yeonsu-gu, Incheon, on the afternoon of the 3th, and destroying a series of glass windows.

Fortunately, there were no casualties, but in the 8-story house, one of the affected households at the time, two sheets of 29mm thick glass had a 3cm hole in the outer glass and the surrounding area was broken.

After CCTV analysis and bureau appraisal, the police arrested Mr. A at his home at about half-past 2am today.

[ Found a pile of slingshots and iron beads in his house ] Mr. A's house was located in

the next building facing the affected household, and the distance between the buildings was about 3 meters.

A pile of slingshots and iron beads were found at Mr. A's home, as well as rubber bands, target papers, and target mats.

[ "I didn't intend to shoot at a specific neighbour" ]

Mr. A reportedly stated during the police investigation that he "only shot into the air, but did not intend to shoot at a specific neighbour".

Police plan to apply for an arrest warrant tomorrow after further investigation.

( Interview : Kim Ji-wook / Video Editor : Lee Seung-hee / Production : D News Platform Department )