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allegations surfaced that a sports federation president, who also issues fitness trainer certifications, made inappropriate physical contact with female students and athletes. There are more than 10 people who claim to have seen this damage.

Reporter Bomi Kim contributed to this report.


A man makes a female student lie face down and then demonstrates a sports massage.

[Pelvis pulled, pushed, pulled, pushed, so naturally.]

He explains that he should avoid unnecessary contact, and then gives a silly example.

[By the way, while doing this, I just touched my ass here and just happened to be like this, so this is a big no-no.]

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This man is Mr. A, president of the National Federation of Fitness Trainer Qualification Institutes and weights athletics.

Mr. B, who participated in an international competition in Dubai in December last year, also complained of damage.

Chairman A kneaded his leg as he sat in the waiting seat,

[Ah hurts. Oh hurts.]

He made it clear that he wanted to refuse, but the contact continued.

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[Mr. B/Athlete: It's not me, it's okay, so I have to do something to relieve fatigue and get better at squats.]

I confessed that I had put up with the contact that went beyond the level because I had to go to the convention.

[Mr. B/Athlete: Through that association, we can go to international competitions, and as an athlete, my dream is to go to international competitions...]

Chairman A was fined 700 million won for forcibly molesting a student last year, and he is in a formal trial.

[Mr. C/Student: They say that they use me as a model, and that the students are in front of them and tell them to go to the podium. Touching the top and touching the middle...]

There were about 10 female students complaining of similar harm, but Ms. A countered that her actions were educational, encouraged, and demonstrated.

[Mr. A/President of the Weight Athletic Federation: We're for educational purposes, and I'm just demonstrating the same thing in public.]

They also claimed to have treated male and female students equally.

(Video Editor: Kim Yoon-sung, VJ: Kim Jong-gap)