I received a report that an elementary school athletic coach excessively restricted children from drinking water or going to the bathroom.

A reporter from G1 Broadcasting Mo Jae-sung covered what happened in the athletic department and how the school coped.

Mr. Lee Mo, a parent of
an elementary school student, was surprised to hear his child recently.

My son, who is on the school's sports department, confessed that he couldn't even drink water properly when exercising.

[Parents: There were many days when the children trained for more than 3~4 hours, but they said that they couldn't drink water because they couldn't put up with it, so they went to the bathroom and ate water from the sink.]

Students and parents claim that this has been happening since 2021, when Mr. A became a coach, and has been repeated until recently.

[Another parent: Last year, my child vomited while exercising and complained of headaches, so I went to the hospital, and they said it was because he was dehydrated and exercising too much.]

They say the use of toilets was also controlled.

[Student from the athletic club: (Watching) I was in such a hurry that I had to stool...]

Eventually, two parents recently filed a complaint against Miss A with the police, accusing her of child abuse.

In response, the school has taken the position that it was not an urgent matter that needed to be separated.

[School official: There are cases where we need to do it as an emergency, but not because it's not an emergency right now.
The school also said that it would find out if the athletic students agreed to Mr. A's training, and that it would monitor the procedures such as the police investigation and the
school violence task force.

The reporter made several phone calls and texts to hear Coach A's side of the matter on the matter, but Mr. A did not respond to the report.

(Video Interview: Ha Jung-woo G2 Broadcasting)