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Southern Africa devastated

Cyclone Freddy kills: more than 400 dead, almost all in Malawi. 200,<> displaced

Roads and bridges swept away, houses dragged by water, entire communities isolated, thousands of families without shelter. Three countries devastated by the cyclone, among the poorest in the world



Cyclone Freddy, of exceptional duration, killed more than 400 people in southern Africa.

The vast majority of victims are recorded in Malawi, where the toll is getting worse by the hour, while the hope of finding survivors is becoming increasingly slim. Freddy struck the African region twice in a few weeks, killing on his way - according to a provisional toll - 73 people in Mozambique, 17 in Madagascar and 326 in Malawi. The number of displaced people has more than doubled, exceeding 183,<> people in Malawi alone.

Roads and bridges were swept away. Entire communities are isolated, unable to receive aid. Houses and infrastructure have been destroyed. Thousands of families are without shelter, exposed to the elements.

Lazarus Chakwera, president of this small country squeezed between Tanzania, Zambia and Mozambique, has decreed 14 days of national mourning.

"We are intensifying our support to those affected by Cyclone Freddy," Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General, wrote on Twitter: "In Malawi, our teams are increasing the delivery of life-saving supplies. In Mozambique, we are assisting the local response and UNCERF has allocated $10 million to support these efforts."