"It was my birthday, May 5, 2016, and I was waiting for a phone call from my family that didn't arrive. It must have been almost midnight when my phone finally rang. It was my father, he was crying and he said, 'Your sister committed suicide.'"

"She had been bullied at school"

That day, Agathe's life turned upside down: "A few days after the funeral, we went to her apartment and I found the diary that my sister had been keeping since sixth grade; We learned that she had been bullied at school and had never received any help."


To raise awareness on this subject, Agathe decided to transcribe her sister's story in The Book of Liane. "We know very well that it will happen to many other families," she adds, "but I want to tell people: 'Make sure it's not you, talk to your family, your friends!' And just that, I think it can change everything."

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