Not long ago, in Songdo, Incheon, an iron ball suddenly flew into the 29th floor of an apartment, shattering the window of the living room. More homes have been damaged, and police have arrested the 60-year-old, who lives in the apartment opposite, and are investigating.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae contributed to this report.

In a high-rise apartment in
Songdo New City, Incheon, on the afternoon of the 10th, the glass window of the living room on the 29th floor of this apartment was shattered with a roar.

[Victims: You can hear the sound coming from the construction site? There was a sound of metal colliding, and while I was looking inside the house, I noticed that the glass was broken. I was very surprised.]

The window was made of two sheets of glass superimposed, with a round hole about 3cm in diameter drilled in the outer glass.

Two other high-rise units over 20 floors had equally broken windows.

[Apartment official: Since the glass shards fell, we put up a fence to keep traffic from being disrupted, and the next day the police came...]

After receiving the report, the police found two iron balls about 1 millimeters in diameter on the sidewalk on the first floor of the apartment complex.

Based on the evidence of broken windows, the National Institute of Scientific Investigation was asked to evaluate the launch angle and launch point, and a list of buyers was obtained from an iron bead vendor.

The suspect identified was Mr. A, a man in his 8s who lived in a building 100 meters away from the victim's household.

The police found a slingshot and an iron ball in Mr. A's house, as well as rubber bands and targets.

Police officials said Mr. A also admitted that he had ordered slingshots and iron balls from the internet and had shot them.

However, Mr. A reportedly made a statement to the effect that he was not aiming somewhere in particular.

The police arrested Mr. A at his home this morning (60th) on suspicion of damage to special property and are investigating the exact motive.

(Video Interview: Lim Dong-guk, Video Editing: Jeon Min-kyu)