"Catch the thief!"

A teenager who was running away from his owner while using someone else's lost credit card happened to be caught by Coast Guard detectives passing by.

The incident took place on the 10th in broad daylight in the center of Ulsan.

Mr. A, who lives in Ulsan in his 14s, was surprised to receive a text message about the use of a card he did not use that day, and went to a convenience store near the Nam-gu intercity bus terminal where the last card usage details were stamped.

After hearing the complaint from Miss A, the convenience store owner pointed out that Miss B, a teenager in the vicinity, had used the card.

In response, Mr. A shouted "catch the thief" and chased after Miss B, but Miss B fled across the driveway near the intersection of the intercity bus terminal.

This happened to be witnessed by Sergeant Cha Young-jae and Constable Lee Seung-joon, detectives from the Investigation Division of the Ulsan Marine Police Station.

At the time, they were waiting for a signal in the car for lunch, but they were suspicious and immediately followed Miss B.

Later, when Miss B, who was fleeing, entered the alleyway, the sergeant of the car got out of the car himself, chased her, and arrested her.

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▲ The sergeant of the car is chasing Miss B

Miss B, who was caught, has been handed over to the district and is being investigated.

Miss B reportedly paid about 80,<> won with Miss A's card at department stores.

"As a police officer, I did what I was supposed to do," the constable said, "and I feel rewarded because I feel like I helped the victim."

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▲ Ulsan Coast Guard Investigation Division Detective 2nd Detective Constable Lee Seung-jun (left) and Sergeant Cha Young-jae

(Photo = Courtesy of Ulsan Maritime Police Station, Yonhap News)