that's not the only
problem. People who wanted to become professionals or leaders paid to complete courses to obtain the international qualifications issued by the federation, which were not recognized by the League of Nations.

This is followed by an exclusive report by reporter Hyun Kyo Yeo.

It is an international certificate issued by the federation of which Mr.
A is the president.

More than 4 students who aspire to be athletes and coaches paid 80,<> won each to earn their certifications.

[Minseok Choi/Member: In order to compete, you actually need a player certificate issued there...]

The certificates issued in English and Korean clearly stated that they were internationally recognized, but the reality was different.

[Former student (gymnasium director): I got this certificate because I thought it was recognized by the League of Nations, but it was not recognized by the League of Nations.]

As I checked, official League of Nations certifications were only issued if they were received directly from the Swedish headquarters or trained by a leader recognized by the headquarters.

The president of the federation, Mr. A, explained that he had never explained that it was a League of Nations certificate.

[Mr. A/President of the Weight Athletic Federation: Oh yes. It's not a (League of Nations) certificate. Apparently not, but I went to France, do you have any licenses, then I admit it.]

However, in the curriculum guide posted by the Korean Federation, it is described as a League of Nations certificate.

It has been confirmed that the League of Nations, aware of this problem, has told them to remove the logo of the League of Nations from the federation's credentials.

[League of Nations officials: We have been giving notice since we were told that they are giving us League of Nations certificates, they cannot issue League of Nations certificates.]

The students have formed a victims' group and are preparing to sue President A for fraud.

(Video Interview: Nam Sung Kim, Video Editing: Shin Se-eun)

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