There are people who became 'JMS believers', a cult, as soon as they were born.

That is the case when the parents are believers. We talked about how they lived and how difficult it was to get away from JMS.

[JMS II A/Withdrew about 10 years ago: I am a 2-year-old who was born and at JMS until I was 17 years old. In fact, I had no choice. It is called a blessing ceremony when my father and mother are now married within the denomination with Jung Myung Seok's permission. So, through the blessing ceremony, (the 2nd generation) were born as if they were the bride of the church. We (2 years old) are called Blessed 2 years old or SS or Shining Star. I've been getting a full-fledged education since I was 7 years old. Always feeling guilty and superior, These 2 things are controlled.]

[Director Kim Jung-so/Editor-in-Chief of 'Contemporary Religions' (Reporter specializing in heterodox emerging religions): JMS II's life radius itself is tightly controlled. Since childhood, they go to church almost every day and live in church on weekends. Also, at home, (some) 2-year-old had to say "Teacher, the rice is delicious, thank you" while eating, as if Jung Myung Seok was always by his side, and if he fell again, he would say, "Teacher, I fell." Just like Jung Myung Seok is always there, he has strict control over his life outside.]

[JMS II A/Withdrew about 10 years ago: Actually, I don't have that feeling at all until elementary school. When I enter adolescence, I naturally experience the rest of the world, and (see) the feeling of separation clashes tremendously. That's where a lot has been divided. My friends tell me that I have a crush on my mom so naturally, and I have this feeling too, but they say that the feeling of liking someone is an emotion that goes to hell, no matter how excited or pretty the feeling is. At this point, there is something called a one-on-one interview. When you enter adolescence, you have to be more disciplined, so that drama, Movies, media, and even regular singing music never let me listen. I secretly made friends when I was in high school. I confided in him. But he did the search for me. And I said, 'Have you seen this?' and the curious thing is that I can grow up and use the Internet for so long. Even though I could use it, I never thought, "Let's do a search." I just (suddenly) when I see a victim being gaslighted, and I think, 'How did I not know?' My father was a pastor (at JMS), but the first thing he decided was, 'I need to get out of here.' You kept noticing strange things (inside JMS). I can't cut it off easily right away, because my family is at stake. Instead, my dad made a plan (to leave JMS) for almost 10 years. It's best to bring the kids out, but most of the time they don't, so it's hard for them to come out. I think there were a lot of things that I didn't know about. Why didn't I know, why was I stupid? Maybe I didn't know because I wasn't smart? I feel so guilty about myself. The 2-year-olds came out with a little more strength to get out (JMS), so if you could be a little more open-minded, wouldn't it be a little less difficult for us to come out too? I'm not asking you to take it for granted, but we're taking each step to regain our normal life, so even if it's a little clumsy and immature, I think it's a request that we appreciate it if you look at it nicely. I just hope that many people will continue to pay attention to this issue. without disappearing.]