rallies criticizing the outcome of the summit continued for a second day. Civic groups have said nothing to say to Japan and have raised their voices as a humiliating negotiation that has abandoned national interests.

This story was covered by reporter Sewon Park.


[I condemn humiliating begging diplomacy! I condemn it!]

Handing over garbage bags that read "Marine discharge of contaminated water from Fukushima" and "Implementation of Comfort Women agreement."

It is a performance that overshadows the faces of President Yoon Seok-yeol and Prime Minister Kishida.

Progressive parties such as the Municipal National Assembly and the Justice Party, which were formed as civic groups in Seoul, lashed out at President Yoon, saying they had only received a report card of humiliating negotiations at the summit.

[Chung Jae-min/Chairman of the Seoul Metropolitan Party of the Justice Party: I gave Japan a great gift of withdrawing the WTO complaint, but instead I only accepted a bill to implement the Comfort Women agreement after hearing Japan's position on the Dokdo issue.]

Critical statements followed.

The PSPD condemned the "abdication of the president's duty to make diplomatic efforts to protect the rights of Comfort Women victims," saying that "the Japanese government has given Japan complete impunity by formalizing a solution without the participation of companies in compensation," while the Lawyers' Association for a Democratic Society "abdicated the president's duty to make diplomatic efforts to protect the human rights of victims."

It is also pointed out that Prime Minister Kishida officially denied the forced mobilization under the term "the issue of workers from the former Korean peninsula," making it difficult to expect an apology from Japan.

[Attorney Lim Jae-sung/Legal Representative of the Japan Foundation for the Support of Victims of Forced Mobilization: I used the terms and methods to erase the illegality or coercion of this issue, and I repeated the distorted expressions of history in front of the President of South Korea. This is the clearest demonstration of how vain and unrealistic such expectations (of Japan's apology) are.]

Tomorrow (18th), the third Pan-National Congress will be held in Seoul Plaza to condemn the summit talks and scrap the solution to humiliation, and the National Priesthood for the Implementation of Catholic Justice announced a Mass on the 3th calling for President Yun to step down.

(Video Interview: Yang Ji-hoon, Video Editing: Cho Moo-hwan, CG: Lee Joon-ho)

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