March 16, 2023

Jeremy Renner shares his nephew's adorable letter

Jeremy Renner is spoiled during his recovery. While recovering from his terrible snowplow accident, the Hawkeye actor has received a very nice letter from his "little man" Auggie, who is none other than his nephew.

"I'm very lucky because my uncle is Hawkeye (who is the first Avenger). I am also very lucky that my uncle is alive after this accident, "wrote the child, as can be read on the Instagram Story of the actor. An attention that went straight to his heart!

Lukas Gage is in love

Penn Badgley wants a "grand finale" for season 5 of "You"

While season 4 of You is the heyday of Netflix, Penn Badgley, the main actor of the series, is already thinking about the sequel... and end! And he would see Joe's adventures end the following season, but not just any way. "I know what Greg (Berlanti, one of the writers) pitched to me a few years ago about his idea for how it should end. If there's a next season, I think it's going to be the grand finale," he told GQ.

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