Gone is the Audi Q5 family, as are bank cards and mobile phones. On January 25, a couple living in Place Saint-Georges, in the city center of Toulouse, woke up to realize that their home had been burgled in their presence during the night.

But the discretion that prevailed over the operation was short-lived. Thanks to contactless payments made with bank cards, phone terminals and after finding the car a month later, investigators from the unit of crimes against property of the departmental security ended up "going up" a suspect: a young 20-year-old, initially elusive, but who played bad luck Monday while walking on the side of the metro Jean-Jaurès.

With warrant of committal

A patrol of the public transport security brigade had just reviewed the file of wanted persons. The passerby's face reminded the police of someone.

The suspect's custody confirmed the suspicions after fingerprinting. He was tried in immediate appearance Wednesday afternoon and sentenced to six months in prison, with a warrant of committal at the hearing.

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