Imprisonment for a very "slanderous" woman

A young British woman was sentenced to eight and a half years in prison for faking that she was kidnapped by a gang, they tortured her by beating her, and it turned out that the whole story was fabricated and that she had beaten herself with a hammer to falsify the facts, and soon it turned out that this woman is very false and has dozens of victims who slandered them and ruined their lives because of her false accusations.

A British court sentenced Eleanor Williams, 14, to eight and a half years in prison, on March 22, but Eleanor's story, as told by the Daily Star, does not begin here, as the young girl has multiple stories of false allegations, as she was previously convicted on eight counts of acts aimed at corrupting the course of justice after she accused five men of rape, which led to the imprisonment of one of them and left the lives of others in a deplorable state, and later claimed that she was subjected to Raped in a restaurant where she worked, again in her flat in northern England, and finally the end of the rope of lying appeared to be evident when she said she was sold as a slave at auction in Amsterdam while on holiday with her sister.

Williams posted photos of her "injuries" claiming torture, trafficking and beatings using her Facebook account in May 2020, and her post garnered more than 100,<> shares and sparked demonstrations in her hometown leading to an official "investigation" into the allegations.

A court previously heard that on May 19, 2020, officers found her near her home on Walney Island with injuries, as the girl claimed that it was the work of the gang who kidnapped her and then left her there after raping her, but the prosecution later confirmed that Williams caused her face injury by hitting herself with a hammer found near her.

Later, after her testimony turned out to be false, Eleanor sent a letter to the judges, apologizing for "some mistakes" she had made, saying she was "young and confused."

She wrote: "I know I made some mistakes and I'm sorry but I was small and confused. When I wrote a Facebook post, I never meant to cause problems in society."

Some of the falsely accused men testified before sentencing about the impact of Eleanor's false accusations on their lives.

Jordan Trenjuf, who was arrested three times on false allegations, said: "The word rapist was sprayed on the house and the window was smashed. My mother had to leave the house because she didn't feel safe. Pretrial detention will haunt me for the rest of my life. I was placed in the sex offender ward and forced to share a cell with a man who told me why he was in prison. I felt sick."

Another innocent defendant, Mohammed, said: "Two weeks after my arrest I tried to commit suicide, I still suffer from scars to this day, and I was constantly harassed causing unnecessary grief."

Another named Oliver Gardner said: "When I was told she was accusing me of rape I felt sick. I had to tell my mom and started questioning myself even though I knew I didn't do anything wrong."

Prosecutors said the girl was sending some messages to herself, making her appear to be traffickers or their victims.

In other cases, she allegedly manipulated real people to send messages that she later said were her attackers.