The police came to pick them up in the early morning at their home. Four trade unionists of the CGT Bouches-du-Rhône, members of the mining and energy section were arrested and placed in custody at the police station of the northern division of Marseille. This union section, which includes workers from Enedis, an EDF subsidiary responsible for managing and developing the electricity distribution network in France, has claimed several "Robins des bois" actions by savagely passing electricity meters from craftsmen in difficulty at reduced or free rates since the soaring prices of gas and energy.

On Tuesday, they also claimed power cuts to various institutions in Marseille, including the newspaper La Provence and the prefecture. Actions carried out as part of the social mobilization against the pension reform that the National Assembly could vote definitively this Thursday.

"We cannot fail to make the connection between the passage in force of the government in the National Assembly and this other form of passage in force which is the repression of the movement," commented the CGT 13. At 14 p.m., a hundred people gathered at the call of the inter-union in front of the prefecture of Marseille to denounce "the use of repression against trade unionists in struggle".

For the time being, the precise charges against the four trade unionists in police custody are not yet known. "They would be accused of acts committed in June 2022," said Jérémy Bacchi, PCF senator for Bouches-du-Rhône, who does not rule out asserting his right to visit places of deprivation of liberty if they were not released in the afternoon. The elected communist also wonders about "the concomitance of the calendar" and these arrests "in custody the day after an important day of mobilization".

Requested, the Marseille prosecutor's office could not immediately answer on the possible legal consequences.

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